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Bbc One Channel To Broadcast The Queen's 90th Birthday

The birthday event celebration is to be today, the 10th of June, followed by a service of thanksgiving. The thanksgiving celebration is to be held at the St.Paul’s Cathedral and is to suppose to be shown on famous Indian TV channels including BBC. The next event would be a pageantry on the 11th June, Saturday on the Horse Guards Parade where the royal members of the family is supposed to be making their appearance on the Buckingham Palace’s balcony to please thousands of gathering people at the Mall.

A royal footage to look out for :

The Queen turned 90 and little did she know that she would be overwhelmed with the remarkable celebration that the localities arranged for her. To present a collection of cine films of Her Majesty, the well-renowned film-maker John Bridcut was granted a special access. The footage showed the Duke of Edinburgh along with the Queen herself which was quite an appealing footage that is to be witnessed. The family members were seen providing their individual personal insights with the Queen as a member of the family and as a Queen. The royal members who were present in the footage were the Duke of Cambridge, the Prince of Wales, the Princess Royal, Prince Harry, the Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra.

A tribute to the Queen’s life :

This is a significant moment of tribute that the whole nation and BBC has been looking forward to. In May, one of the famous live TV channels, ITV had broadcasted the birthday celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday which would tell how her story begun at 1926 when she was born, followed by her coronation in the year 1953 and therefore, her reign which kept spanning for over more than 60 years. This event was not just honourable, but an event to be remembered for a lifetime.

Surprise for the lady!

It was a working day for the Queen when she came across an unexpected celebration back in the April 2016, where a plaque was unveiled with several public members waving flags. They presented her bouquets of flowers to pay a tribute to the legend who served the people of the nation perfectly during her reign. To meet the Queen in person and tell her thank you for what she has done was a dream comes true for many people in the public who waited for hours and some waited for days even. This event took place on the day when she became the nation’s nonagenarian first ever monarch. The BBC One captured the public who just couldn’t lose out on a glimpse of the Queen.

The Indian TV channels did not leave out any chance to confine every single detail of the Queen’s 90th birthday and BBC One being one of them has been making sure they come up with the special coverage of the Queen Elizabeth’s 90th eternal birthday which the people of the globe has been looking forward to witness. 

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