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The entire world is online, has access to television channels online through laptops, tablets and smart phones, you are no longer miles away from news, it is always right at your fingertips. The modern world is a global community that is online 24/7 and there is a constant hunt for providing news, and being the first to break major news. In India CNN only reached the elite living in urban areas, and to be able to reach the Indian masses Time Warner and the Indian company Global Broadcast News launched the channel in India as CNN-IBN and is currently reaching more than 45 million households a day. There was in end 2015 some disputes about the renewing of the license, but it settled on December 1 in 2015, and on April 18 2015 it rebranded as CNN News18 Tv Channel and was relaunched. News 18 has used the CNN name, but it is completely run by TV18 Broadcast Limited.
The journalistic integrity is important to the CNN network and it is why they have become such a big part of the modern news picture, it is always a good source of reliable news from well researched sources and they are usually in the eye of the storm giving you a firsthand description of what is going on, something that is greatly appreciated by many of the news buffs around the world.
CNN IBN News Channel is on the frontline of this an is working round the clock to keep you updated on all major news, finances and what is stirring up the world. If you are not able to watch the CNN IBN News channel because of work, sports, or other obligations, then you can watch CNN IBN Live Online, you do not have be without your news fix and you will always be updated on what is going on in the world, no matter where you are. With all that is going on in the world today it is not a bad idea to always be updated on what is happening. You are able to find our services many places and our channels and online channels in many countries like e.g. CNN IBN News channel in Germany where you will get not only global news but also news for that is special for Germany, like crime, finances or maybe sport events. Finnaly CNN IBN refreshed itslef and turns into News18 to grow their network in all the aspects worldwide.
These type of changes would be better for Indian News Channels to provide the better services in the worlwide market. This will also gives us more boost for the other Indian Tv Channels.

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Kapil Sharma is getting ready to share fun again

The Kapil Sharma Show, Sony Pictures Networks new India s Pearl In the last year Sony Entertainment Television as been struggling across India. With a substantial loss of viewership on the weekends to their counterpart Sony ESPN Indian Premiere League, they now launch a new TV show with Star comedian Kapil Sharma.
The Indian TV channels are hoping this will help them get back some of those numbers that has been falling of over the last year and even gets some more viewers to some other flagship shows that the network promotes. While Sony is currently going through a restructuring on their Hindi TV channels and shows, they think that the branding of Sharma s comedy skill will be an important feature of the newly structured station. They need to get stronger returning viewership on the weekend and ideally also have an impact on the regular days too. Typically, Sony Entertainment had been a powerful entity for the weekends Indian Tv channels.
But over the past couple months Hindi tv channels IPL have had an excellent expansion and scrapped off some of those viewers that were supporting SET. Sharma was previously working with Color s headlining their famous comedy show Comedy Nights with Kapil . But due to a business dispute between both parties, Sharma had to part ways with the network. His show got replaced, and he was now looking for a new partnership. Launching on the 23rd of April 2016 The Kapil Sharma Show will be playing on the weekend from 9 pm which is in a collision with the schedule of the Indian Premiere League. They hope that they can use the IPL (which was before not so helpful to their network) to promote the new show.
Comedy show is the most watched throughout India by family and India is most of the time a country where people usually only have one television at home. So they bet on the comedy factor to score big with the family audience. Plus, comedy show has an actual high value, they usually bring back more viewers than other type of television show. The debut of the show will collide with a big match of the Indian Premier League which will be aired from 8pm IST. The idea for SET is to use the already large viewer base of the games to promote the new comedy show. Will it work as indented we ll have to wait and see. But from the sneak peak SET gave us the show seems like It will be entertaining and should go big.

The Golden History of Jungle Book in India

The Jungle Book Collection in India Since it was published back in 1894, the Jungle Book has been a constant source of inspiration. Dozens of spin-off, movies and TV shows were made, all inspired by the Rudyard Kipling’s classic.
The trend follows in 2016 as well. Jon Favreau’s movie, The Jungle Book was released on April 6, 2016 and was met with instant acclaim.Rudyard Kipling was a 19th-century English writer born in Mumbai, who, prior to returning to India, got a college degree in Britain. After returning to Asia, Kipling spent a couple of years traveling, which inspired him to start his writing career. The Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India, was what influenced the writer the most to start writing the Jungle Book. The first of the three-part Jungle Book series was written in the United States. Kipling’s Vermont house was called Naulakha in reference to the 17th-century summer house of a Mughal emperor, the Naulakha Pavilion, located in what’s today Pakistan.Rudyard Kipling was a famous person in the years following the first publishing of the Jungle Book. Thirteen years after the release, he won a Nobel Prize. Kipling was the first ever Englishman to be awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature. Unlike many novelists from the Victorian era, Kipling’s works are still very popular today. As of 2016, there are lots of TV shows and movies inspired by the Jungle Book.Indian TV Channels in Europe are regularly broadcasting an animated 3D TV series called The Jungle Book. The series was first launched in 2010 in India, but quickly gained a worldwide popularity.

At this point, it is broadcasted on TV channels in more than thirty different countries, as well as on online Indian TV channels. Indian TV News Channels are reporting of a big success of the Jungle Book movie. After two weeks in the theaters, the film grossed over Rs. 100 crore in India. There are four different versions of the movie currently in Indian cinemas, based on language. All of the versions, English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu are doing great, both at the box office and in movie reviews.The 2016 Jungle Book movie is an homage to a Disney film of the same name from 1967. Both films are based on the three books from the Jungle Book series by Rudyard Kipling. The 2016 version is a high-budget film, which cost $175 million to be produced. Apart from the cutting-edge technology used for the animations, the movie is also praised for the ensemble cast. The lead character, Mowgli is voiced by an American child actor, Neel Sethi. He’s joined by Bill Murray, the voice of Baloo, the bear who saves Mowgli from a tiger called Shere Khan, voiced by Idris Elba. Academy Award-winning actor, Ben Kingsley is the voice of Bagheera, a black panther. Scarlet Johansson was cast for the role of Kaa the snake, while Christopher Walken had the role of the King Louie. The character voiced by Walken is not an original Kipling’s character. King Louie is an orangutan, which is a species that’s not native to India. This character was developed by the Disney Studios in the iconic 1967 movie.

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